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Each woman who stands silent vigil as part of Women in Black has her own reasons for participating.  These are some of their reasons:

"One of the reasons I stand is that I worked in the VA for 12 years, and I've seen what wars do to people, and their friends and families too. My first patient as an intern was a POW of the Japanese from December 7th, to the day after Nagasaki.  I've treated veterans from every conflict since then. I'm one of the people they tell their nightmares to. That's one of the reasons why I stand."

"While I'm standing with Women in Black, I pray that not one more person will be harmed by bullets or mines or bombs or by physical or verbal domestic abuse."

"I have found the silence to be a powerful way to protest the fact that too many words and not enough action has occurred to end Bush's Wars and bring our sons and daughters home."

"Standing in silence sends a strong message.  Seeing us makes some people uncomfortable.  Discomfort often requires thought to be resolved.  I stand with the hope that my fellow citizens will take a moment (or more) to think about why we are here."

"I stand because it feels like a powerful, yet very respectful statement--I stand with women because I feel that the combined energy of wisdom and compassion of mothers, grandmothers, wives and lovers, sisters and daughters has the capacity to alter the world--I'd stand even if it didn't--I stand silent vigil because I don't want to yell or argue or even convince--I stand simply because it feels like the right thing to do for me--because I want to make my energy FOR peace and FOR justice (rather than necessarily against anything)--I stand because they still let me (Patriot Act and all that....)--I'll still stand even when they say I can't."

"I had seen the WIB standing for several months admiring their stamina and bravery on cold rainy nights that first winter. That March when Rachel Corrie was murdered in Gaza and our country was bombing Iraq I was so frustrated. I knew I had to do something to express my grief and horror. Women in Black has been that something. The heads that turn, the glances trying to understand, the awareness I witness in others observing WIB helps me know this is the right thing -one stand at a time."

"Sometimes all you can do is put your body in front of a problem and stand there as a witness to it."
Quote from Granny D.  (Doris Haddock), the 90 year old woman who walked
                   from L.A. to D.C. in 1999 to demonstrate her concern and gather petitions
                   for campaign finance reform.

"When I stand, my body is my voice. Draped in black, I am a visual reminder that war kills. You cannot pass me by without seeing the quiet condemnation in the way I cradle the folded flag from a veteran's coffin. I am looking at you, and even though you turn your head, you cannot avoid the knowledge...war kills."


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